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For whatever purpose, it is an internal and blatant commercial event. a thin piece of metal with sponges, scratched or hit the hump when the metal piece of the life of the owner, another man sitting in the driver’s seat touches the person. Whether you give up the heart, but the logic tells you exactly the opposite. it is now.0 km away also spent 155 000 kms together for 10 years * , you live you’re a full memories, languages, though you also talk, even after the arduous journey “halal be coach” you say, your house sometimes, and you have the possibility while “sell also been zero almas” even when you have to sell a car that you think is betrayed, even when you are forced to sell it completely, it is the situation that destroys people.

while you tell her to the receiver, your throat knots, your lips will vibrate, your hands will feel numb, your hands will squeeze when you finally deliver the key, you will feel like a drop does not flow.

the car with extremely good intentions of the field “I’ll let you leave me” words slap your face. You’re stupid. The truth then dank. it is not yours anymore. you get away with another car.

without looking back even before you look at it ……..

Buying a car is as difficult and tedious as selling a car. You may have to buy a new car or sell it because you’re in a jam.

Of course, you don’t want to sell your car at a lower price than the one you bought. But if it took you a long time to get your car, it would naturally have dropped its price and value. When you put your car on sale value is important.

You also need to sell your car urgently, but you may not be looking for as many buyers as you want. Here we solve the problems, to help you to find the list of tips on selling cars. You can handle your car sales more accurately and easily by paying attention to these points that we prepare to sell your car less than its value and to sell faster. for your insurance needs at any time!

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Tricks of Car Sales

First, determine the value of your vehicle.

Be honest when determining the sales price for your vehicle, otherwise you may not be able to sell your vehicle for a long time.

Whether your vehicle is in good condition affects the price.

A small number of vehicles and a very preferred model to increase the price increases.

When selling your vehicle, you can charge the customer a little more than the price you want by calculating the bargain share.

Caring for your car before you sell and to give more importance to the appearance of the appearance provides. You should also clean your vehicle with good products. You should not skip the in-car clean-up.

Cleaning your engine before the sale of your vehicle may cause doubt in the minds of the buyers, so you can change the engine oil.

If scratches are present in your vehicle, you can close them gently with the help of products that will prevent the appearance of scratches.

Always pay your vehicle tax and keep all documents ready.

If your car is an open model, it would be better to sell this type of vehicle in summer, not in winter.

When you’re preparing your sales ad, using interesting phrases attracts more customers, but make sure you’re using the right sentences. It would be wrong to use exaggerated sentences just to sell the car. Incorrect information will appear when the receiver sends the car to the control.

Posting on the Internet allows you to reach more people and you can sell your vehicle more easily. Be sure to add images taken from different angles of the vehicle to the ad.

Always check the receiver’s license before taking the test drive. Meet the buyer in the day if possible.

Always take the time to sell and tell the buyer if the money will be burned. Never deliver your vehicle without taking all your money.

The insurance of the car is canceled after the sale of the car. The new buyer needs to reboot on his own. Make Casco calculations from and get the most suitable Casco prices in 3 minutes. If you wish, call our Insurance Hotline 444 24 00, buy a 7/24 insurance.

Establish the price

A fundamental element to proceed with the sale of a used car is to determine the price.Often, we tend to overestimate the value of our car and this can make it impossible to find buyers available to buy a car at a value higher than the market. The first step to be taken, therefore, is to check the kilometers covered, the year of matriculation and the general state of your car. In order to have an estimate of the value of your carat will be possible to refer to the numerous internet sites specialized in the sector. Always try to have in mind a minimum price over which you do not want to go down, so you can have a margin of negotiation. Consider also that a complete documentation of all the maintenance carried out, in addition to the receipts related to the paid stamps and revisions made, will allow you to raise the selling price of your used car. Finally, you can read our suggestions on how to negotiate the price of your used car.

Photographing the car

Before inserting the online advertisement of your used car, it is necessary to make it shine both internally and externally. So, take a few hours for a careful cleaning of the bodywork and the interior,to make the car look like just out of the dealer. Once the cleaning is done, you will be ready to take a picture of your used car. Try to enhance your strengths. For example, a body without scratches and dents or a tapestry with few signs of wear are elements that can attract a greater number of potential buyers in reading the description and contact you to view the car.

Is the invoice required for the sale of a used car?

In the case of sale of a used car to a private person, the invoice is not issued following the payment of the purchase price, but a private writing can be used to prove the actual sale.

The payment

The main pitfall, however, concerns payment methodologies. Although the solution best suited to the seller would be to get a bank transfer before delivering your used car, often, due to lack of trust, the buyer prefers to pay by cashier’s check together with the signing of the transfer documents. If you decide to receive payment by bank check, go immediately to the bank to verify that it is not fake or counterfeit. It will take a few days to be sure that the amount indicated on the check is covered. Before delivering car keys and documents always check that payment has been made.

Sell ​​a used car: all the steps to follow 1

Act of selling a used car: how to do it

To understand how to sell a used car and proceed without risks, it is essential to bear in mind the importance of the sales act.

The authenticity of the signatures

Seller and buyer will have to draw up an act that will then have to be authenticated. The signatures of the two subjects can be authenticated to the officials of the Provincial Offices of the ACI that manages the PRA, notaries, civil servants, officials of the municipal offices or owners of the automotive consultancy firms participating in the telematic counter. If the authentication of the signatures is carried out by Civil Motorization officials, it will be mandatory to proceed with the transfer of ownership at the same time, while in other cases this step can be completed within 60 days of the authentic.

Practices for selling a used car

Additional practices to be dealt with to sell a used car are those related to the transfer of ownership. It is advisable to carry out this step at an electronic motorist’s help desk in order to immediately obtain the release of documents and automatic updating of the archives of the Public Automobile Registry and of the Civil Motorization. As mentioned, if the authentication of the signatures is not carried out at the PRA. or a Telematic Counter, the transfer of ownership can be made within 60 days. After this deadline, a visa can be requested from the provincial office of ACI – PublicRegistryAutomobilist (PRA). It will be necessary to indicate the license plate number of the vehicle object of the sale to verify the owner of the car and to be sure that the transfer of ownership is correctly carried out. If the transfer of ownership has not been registered, the seller remains the owner of the vehicle to the PRA and responds to the consequences related to the alleged possession and use of the vehicle.

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